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Being very cyclical in nature, the peaks and troughs of the Seismic Industry are known for their extremes. The cycles have generally been short in period, some 2-3 years at a time, but the past 5 years have seen a predominant downwards trend.

The squeeze of the oil majors has seen the times getting worse with their demands for more and more for their dollar. In return the Seismic industry has had to work smarter to ensure an adequate return on their investment.

Working smarter with greater, better and newer technology has to some extent meant that fewer people are now required to achieve more. In turn this has meant that greater amounts of data can be acquired more easily and in a shorter period of time. This has to some degree helped to reduce the capacity of operational crews and vessels which in turn has reduced the amount of people working in the field.

The naturally high turnover of people within the industry means that some people are here and gone in a short space of time, others remain for considerable lengths of time, but all have contributed to the success of the Seismic industry in the past and the current crew complements will make it a success for the future.

The aim of the site is to help 'Doodlebuggers' maintain, consolidate or help reunite with work colleagues that may have moved on to other projects, industries or life styles but still have one common link, that of being a 'Doodlebugger'.



Building the Galleries

One of the comments received has been to see if we can build galleries of photographs of people, crews, places, events etc.

The Doodlebugger's library of pictures is reasonably extensive but not necessarily of the best quality.

If anyone has any photographic or literary content that they would like to submit for inclusion within the website can they please forward them to