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 April 2004 to May 2005 website hijacked and despite legal dispute were unable to regain the site name even though it is still 'owned'. site name gained and website transferred to the new location.
8 March 2004
Addition of names and Equasis link
4 March 2004
Addition of names and Piracy information link
23 February 2003
Addition of Industry Organisation pages
8 February 2003
Added new names
6 January 2003
Added new names and Marine Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) links
30 December 2003
Added new names and vessel pictures
21 December 2003
Added new names
18 December 2003
Updated names
7 December 2003
Flight tracker link and view trip link added to Useful Info page. Photographs added Geco Manta, Geco Snapper, Western Regent, Geco Diamond, Scarecrow Moon and Helideck sunset.
26 November 2003
Stock Quotes, Currency Converter, Ultimate Questions and On this day in history added
24 November 2003
Florida Villa's pages added, Industry news added to front page and directory front page
23 November 2003
More doodlebuggers added, Company Codes updated, News ticker added, Florida vacation villas added
16 November 2003
Vessel photograph albums updated, new names added
15 November 2003
New names added
14 November 2003
Notification to doodlebuggers of new site name and location
First e-mail address issued
9 November 2003
Notification to doodlebuggers of new site name and location (message failed)
15 October 2003
SOPHOS virus information incorporated into the site.
9 October 2003
First request for a 'Doodlebugger' e-mail address and first submission of doodlebugger photographs and jokes to be considered for inclusion.
20 August 2003
Doodlebugger net goes live
20 July 2003
Test site of '' loaded
14 July 2003
First Doodlebugger get together held in Bergen, Norway. 3 attendees.....
10 July 2003 domain name purchased
7 July 2003
Doodlebugger directory listing reaches 50 names
3 July 2003
Doodlebugger News page added to the website showing comments of those who have signed up.
26 June 2003
Doodlebugger directory reaches 25 names
10 June 2003
First Doodlebugger page went live, one name listed and one registered that day.
8 June 2003
First attempt at a doodlebugger page created.
5 June 2003
The idea of this site was initially thought about as a portal for Doodlebuggers to maintain contact. It was planned that a simple implant to an existing website would see if there was a requirement for such a site.


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