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For those who are uninitiated as to who or what 'Doodlebuggers' are, they are people who have been involved in Seismic research, geophysical attempts at locating oil and / or gas in various areas, on land or at sea, around the world. The industry has been going through a downturn in recent years and a lot of people have been 'released' by the major and minor geophysical companies. A lot of good friends, work mates and colleagues are out there but not necessarily aware of how to get in contact with friends of years gone by.

One of the aims of this website is to help re-establish some of these lost contacts. By means of these pages you should be able to look up friends and hopefully remake those acquaintances.

The Doodlebugger directory listing shows people listed by surname and forenames, also included are 'nicknames', companies worked for and current e-mail contact addresses. If you would like to be included in this listing please forward your latest details by e-mail to Doodlebugger.

The pages within this site will develop over time to include your photographs, your reminiscences and other topical information that you would like included. This page is provided as a free service to help Doodlebuggers keep contact.

Please let your friends know so that we can all keep in contact.














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